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by on October 25, 2019
Many may not be aware but one needs a gorilla permit to trak Uganda gorillas. It’s also important to recognize how hard it may be to acquire the gorilla tracking permits especially when the tour is in short notice and also when it’s a high season (July, August, September). Uganda wildlife Authority, a mandated body that regulates Wildlife (specifically also responsible for Uganda gorilla tracking permits) has increased gorilla permit price from USD600.00 to USD700 per person per trek for Bwin...
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by on October 16, 2019
Mountain vs. Lowland gorilla Gorilla is the largest primate in the world. There are two species of gorilla: western and eastern, both with two subspecies. Western lowland gorilla and Cross River gorilla are subspecies of western gorilla, while eastern lowland gorilla and mountain gorilla represent subspecies of eastern gorilla. Gorillas inhabit tropical forests in the central, eastern and western parts of Africa. They search for food during the day and sleep in the nests on the ground and in ...
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by on October 3, 2019
One of the oldest locations showing signs of human existence with evidence dating back as far as 9000 BC, Uganda has the potential to become the strongest economy in Africa. Uganda has the largest population in Africa and one of the biggest in the entire world, with more than 250 ethnic groups amongst its population and roughly 65% younger than 25 years. The Ugandan government runs on a democratic presidential system and despite recent socio-political instability the future seems to promise...
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by on October 3, 2019
“Tourism Business Networking is the process of developing and activating your relationships to increase your tourism business, enhance your knowledge of the industry and expand your sphere of influence.” Notice that the key word here is tourism relationships. Successful tourism networking of any kind starts with the genuine desire to build relationships with clients and other tour operators for the purpose of giving and receiving tour business. If you are only networking to gain and not t...
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by on February 27, 2019
The Institute of Directors (IOD) Uganda, has called on both public and private sector to abide strictly the corporate governance practice to promote development in the country.    President/Chairman of Council, IoD Uganda, Ahmed Rufai Mohammed, made the assertion when his team paid a courtesy visit to The Guardian Headquarters, yesterday, in Lagos.He recalled that many years ago, the civil service was looked up to by many as the model in terms of governance, structure, and other leadership skil...
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by on February 27, 2019
Heritage Bank Plc has unveiled its innovation accelerator programme tagged: “HB LAB” and targeted at increasing the numbers of tech start-ups and contributing meaningfully to the economy. The move, according to the bank, is in line with its adoption of a focused approach that removes barriers and galvanizes the critical sector of the economy around a bold growth agenda.  The maiden edition of HB LAB is a 12-week programme, expected to provide technology start-ups with enabling environment, reso...
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